“This I ever held worse that all certitude, to know not what the worst ahead might be.” ~ Algernon Charles Swinburne

Whew! Been away from this site for far too long! I can’t believe it. Anyway, above is the quote that I think all of us can relate to. It’s the quote I chose for the conceptual art I created about life. And, my… isn’t it very true! What scares us the most is the thought about what’s the worst ahead might be. We work our lives out to guarantee ourselves a bright future, yet, even with all our efforts, at the back of our mind, nothing is a guarantee. Life is a risk; a scary risk. As many poets and philosophers have already said, the only thing we are certain about life is that it’s full of uncertainties. That sounds pathetic, but it’s a fact of life. Life is a gamble… there are too many roads to take, yet we can only choose one road at every point in our lives, and we know there’s always no turning back. Life is not for the faint-hearted. Sadly, faint-hearted people are forced to deal with it. I think the scariest thing about it is to live in regret and self-blame. The problem with life, I guess, is there’s no manual to live it perfectly. We are all bound to make mistakes. It’s always like an experiment for each of us where we learn from our individual experiences. But what do we really need to learn that would be of any value to us when we die? Hmmm…

Here’s a piece of artwork I created. It’s called, “LIFE”.

Nothing is permanent

It’s very easy to give advice to other people because you’re not the one in their situation. When a friend of mine told me that he gets paranoid sometimes about his partner cheating, I advised him to get a grasp of the fact of life that nothing is permanent. I told him to never allow his paranoia to be the driving force behind his actions towards his partner because it will surely sabotage their relationship. Then I told him that in case his partner leaves him, he should remind himself of that fact. It may not alleviate the pain of loss and longing, but it will surely help him to move on and cope with the rejection. He agreed with everything I said, even though he and I both know that it’s easier said than done. It’s just a very sensible thing to do. If you don’t want to subject yourself to disappointments, never expect good things to stay good forever. Enjoy good things while they last; appreciate people’s company and friendship while they are willing to give it to you, and accept their decision gracefully when they decide to leave you. As I said, nothing is permanent. That’s the fact of life. Just accept it or deal with the heartaches, disappointments, and sleepless nights. You always have a choice. Just choose wisely.