French Movies

I wish I can understand the French language! I have been watching movies and documentaries about Marie Antoinette that are spoken in French and I don’t even understand a word they’re saying. I also tried watching the movie “Charlotte Corday” but I couldn’t understand what’s going on so I stopped. It’s very frustrating. I think I need to enroll myself in French language class instead of Spanish. Supposedly my friend and I will be enrolling for Spanish language class on this month of May but I’m having second thoughts about it because I really want to understand all the French movies I want to watch. Subtitles are not always available in the French movies I prefer watching.

Hmmm… I really must make a decision as soon as possible.

“Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?” – MARIE ANTOINETTE

Marie Antoinette – What a very brave woman…

It’s unfortunate that she had to meet a tragic end.

Whenever I read articles about Marie Antoinette I can’t help but marvel at the strength of her character – her silent yet evident and notable bravery she had shown during the reign of terror. Not even for a single moment did she lose grip of her sanity nor lose grip of her dignity as a queen. She serves as an inspiration to me and hopefully to others who will take the time to really make a research and know about her real story. She was a woman of virtue and she had proven it until the end.

L’Autrichienne – A Movie about Marie Antoinette’s Trial.

51CKKPY751L._SL500_AA240_I couldn’t understand the movie because it’s in French, but I read that it’s the most historically accurate ever made about Marie Antoinette. I’ve been looking for this movie since I heard about it, but I was very unfortunate not to find any copy of it in stores. I kept browsing through websites where one can watch movies online for free, but none of them have L’Autrichienne. I never gave up looking for it, though. I continued googling it hoping to find it, but all I came across with were just posters and some rare reviews on it. Until one day, I visited again one of the websites I visited before and decided to check if it’s there, hoping against hope that it IS there, and voila, to my surprise I saw it!!! At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. And as I was playing the movie, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I really didn’t expect it! I’m really grateful to the kind soul who posted it! I never thought I’d be able to watch that movie ever if not because of him/her. I’m so thankful!

Anyway, about the movie, it only covered Marie Antoinette’s trial. It also showed that she was already sick when she was brought to the guillotine. I’m not really sure what her sickness was, but the movie showed she was bleeding. I googled about it, but found very little information concerning it, although, the sites that tackled that subject suggested that she suffered from what is now considered today as uterine cancer (I don’t remember the exact term, and I’m not sure if it’s really what it was) due to stress. The horror that her life had become and how she bravely dealt with it showed how strong her character and faith were… People say that her death was her release… I think so, too. And I pray for the eternal repose of this poor soul, Marie Antoinette, who was a victim of politics, ambitions, and prejudice. May she rest in peace, along with the other victims, and may eternal light shine upon them.