Death Masks

I watched a documentary about death masks because I heard that Marie Antoinette has one. I was hoping I would see her death mask because I’m really curious about how she really looked like. Unfortunately the documentary I watched didn’t feature Marie Antoinette’s death mask. They only have men’s death mask, such as Lincoln’s, Washington’s, Julius Caesar, etc. Graphic artists worked on the death masks; scanning it in 3D into a computer and reconstructing the face using special software. They animated the faces to make them look real. They looked very much alive! It really amazed me. But, as much as it’s fascinating to see the face of men that lived in the past, knowing that the masks were actually molded from their corpses makes my skin crawl. They’re really eerie. One of the death masks even has an eyelash attached to it, just imagine! Eeek! Nevertheless, the documentary was a good watch and I still want to see Marie Antoinette’s death mask, if indeed it’s true that she has one.

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