When swarms attack

The electricity went out today so I went outside our condominium unit to get some fresh air, but a sudden gust of heat coming from the fire escape greeted me instead (Our unit is very near the fire escape.  And no, we were not on fire, it’s just that we are suffering from very hot and humid weather lately).  I turned around to where the heat came from and to my surprise I saw a number of dead and dying flies lying on the floor.  I drew closer to examine what happened to the flies and I was shocked to find out that the insects that I initially thought as flies aren’t actually flies but bees – honey bees!  As I drew closer and closer to the dead and dying bees, another bee dropped dead.  It dropped from the ceiling, so I looked up, and to my horror, I saw more bees swarming at the ceiling!!!  The whole scenario made me feel like I was in a twilight zone; like in a horror movie or something.  I stepped back for fear that the bees might attack and sting me (And I know exactly how painful a bee sting is because I was stung by a bee once).  I knocked at our friendly neighbor’s condominium unit to show her the scene and she followed me to see for herself.  She was so surprised.  She told me that bees naturally do that during Holy Week and only in rural areas.  Remember though that Holy Week is over and this is not a rural area.  This is Makati and it’s a city.  As we both wondered what could have caused this particular “phenomenon” I joked to our nice neighbor saying maybe it’s the sign of the times; that the world is already ending, and she chided me, haha!  But it could also be a possibility, who knows?  Earlier this morning, I already saw lots of flying bees outside our window.  I thought they were flies and even feared that there might be a dead person somewhere, and the flies are swarming at it (I know, I really have a very strange imagination.  No thanks to my paranoia).  I ignored it until I went outside our condominium unit.  Anyway,  maybe the reason why it happened just due to the extreme heat that our country is suffering for months now.  I went back to our unit and borrowed my older sister’s camera and carefully went closer and closer until I got a better view of them and take a good picture of it.  I took several photos and also took two dead bees later so that I could take a clearer picture of them as samples of the bees.

Here are the photos:

(Picture 1: On the floor)

(Picture 2: At the ceiling. I brightened the picture in Photoshop)

(Picture 3: The two dead bees I got as a sample)


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