The man is the head of the family and women are the neck

I was watching this video of Alexei Yagudin where he said he believes men are the head of the family and women are the neck.  It just made me wonder how “liberated” women, who have seen it, reacted.  As a traditional woman, I see it as the natural order of things, but for a man to say it aloud may get a rise from “liberated” women.  But he said that that’s the Russian culture and he’s Russian, so that’s how he views things.  And it’s only understandable, right?  It’s the same with my own culture, and I agree with my own culture, so, putting two and two together, I agree with Mr. Yagudin’s culture as well.

Mr. Yagudin also said that women, to him, is an unknown subject and that women are unpredictable, which made me wonder how many men really consider women as an unknown subject, or to them women are unpredictable.  I personally don’t find it to be true, not because I happened to be a female, but because I honestly believe that this is where men and women make mistakes in dealing with each other.  Men and women assume that each other is a mystery they will never be able to figure out.  They think they are so different from each other, so they deal with each other starting with this false premise and wonder why they don’t understand each other.  I don’t believe in the idea that women are from Venus and men are from Mars.  Sure men and women have different characteristics, not to mention their different biological distinctions, but to say women, or men, are unpredictable all because of their gender is kind of illogical.  I may be wrong, but that’s my opinion.  As far as gender roles are concerned, I generally agree with them.  There are a whole lot of reasons why they had worked well for the majority in the past, so why change them?

I’m impressed by Mr. Yagudin’s idealism and stubbornness, I really am. Most idealistic people end up alone but they don’t mind because the idea of living all by themselves for the rest of their lives, in case they end up alone, is not scary to them.  They are very self-assured.  People like that are admirable.  Mr. Yagudin has a daughter, and to be honest, I was really surprised to learn that he’s still single.  I thought he’s already married, not only because he’s good-looking and talented, but considering that, you know, he already has a daughter… well I guess that’s just my traditional mind working.  I must admit, though, that I don’t really have any latest information about Mr. Yagudin as of 2010.  Who knows, maybe he’s now married.  Anyway, his personal life is none of my concern.  He just caught my eye because he’s really a very good skater – a genius – that and also because he’s good-looking (winks), and also we have the same birthday :P!  I heard he plans to compete in 2014.  I hope I will be able to watch him perform live if that happens.

Anyway, to end this blog, I just would like to say that I admire Mr. Yagudin’s bravery for stating what he believes regarding family hierarchy, especially in this day and age where women “want to be in the same level with men” as he puts it.

And, by the way, here’s Mr. Yagudin skating to John Denver’s song, “For You” (Unfortunately, the resolution is poor):