Making others wait for you will make them dislike you

I don’t know any person who enjoys waiting especially when the time is ticking and you’re aware that every time the clock ticks you’re wasting your time away all because someone has no respect for your time and for you as a person. I really hate waiting because I don’t understand the reason why people make other people wait. Traffic is never a valid excuse since everybody knows when the rush hour is. Traffic will never adjust to your schedule you have to adjust to its schedule. I know I get late sometimes, but it’s a very rare occurrence. Whenever that happens, it only means one thing… something went terribly wrong. I don’t adhere to the saying, “Better late than never” because I am either present or absent. I am not a fan of lateness. I’m not saying I’m perfect I just don’t understand people who leave the house at the agreed time of the meeting instead of earlier! I always leave earlier than the agreed time, so I always end up waiting. There was a time when I tried being late, but I got paranoid; every minute looking at the clock; fidgeting… the nagging feeling that I would make the person I was about to meet wait kept me on my toe, so I left the house and still ended up arriving early and waited. But I waited only for a few minutes, which is a good thing (even though waiting for just five minutes makes me impatient). At least I didn’t wait that long compared to usual. I meet with friends every chance I get, and I enjoy meeting with them. I just don’t enjoy the waiting. I attended a seminar where lateness was never condoned. I never had a hard time complying with that rule. By the way, I was never harsh with first-time offenders. I just shrug off their offense and then I’m okay, but if the offender repeats the same offense over and over, that’s the time I get really, really mad. A good friend of mine and I fight over it every now and then. I know he doesn’t mean to be late at all, but he gets late nevertheless, and I must admit, my impatience gets the best of me most of the time, so we end up fighting over it every time it happens. Anyway, I think I’m just lucky that I have someone I am comfortable to fight with regarding lateness, otherwise, I’d end up alone without friends because I seem strict regarding time. All I’m saying is lateness is never an attractive habit. It shows lack of respect for other people’s time.


6 Responses to Making others wait for you will make them dislike you

  1. I am always racing my nemisis…the clock. good read

  2. Zaahid says:

    My sentiments exactly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totally understand your point, I often make it clear to my friends, how that makes me feel If a friend is late I would tell them I will wait for you if you had and emergency otherwise I am not waiting for you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Currently sat with my Mum waiting for her friend to turn up. She’s 3 hours late now and we have done her a favour the last two weeks taking care of her pet rabit while she goes on holiday! Am actually going to wallop the woman for taking the mick, what does she think she is playing at! This is not the first time she has done this to us either!

  5. Mary says:

    I think that making others wait habitually is a sign of stupidity. You have to be pretty stupid if you can’t get someplace on time. Either that, or the person is selfish, doesn’t give a f*k about making everyone else wait. That would get under my skin also and pretty fast if I had to deal constantly with someone who always kept me waiting.

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