Seems like everybody is getting married

I just received an invitation from one of long-time friends of mine to her wedding the day one of my aunts called my mom and asked if my younger sister and I could be her daughter’s bridesmaids to her wedding. I am always thrilled to hear when people get married, and would always attend their wedding if I can. Sometimes it makes me marvel at the beauty of two people finding each other and deciding to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. It’s like a fairytale. I heard that it has highs and lows, so I know that marriage is not like a “happy ever after” story, but with someone vowing to spend the rest of his or her life with you no matter what, any trials are worth it.

Best wishes to all married couples!

Nothing is permanent

It’s very easy to give advice to other people because you’re not the one in their situation. When a friend of mine told me that he gets paranoid sometimes about his partner cheating, I advised him to get a grasp of the fact of life that nothing is permanent. I told him to never allow his paranoia to be the driving force behind his actions towards his partner because it will surely sabotage their relationship. Then I told him that in case his partner leaves him, he should remind himself of that fact. It may not alleviate the pain of loss and longing, but it will surely help him to move on and cope with the rejection. He agreed with everything I said, even though he and I both know that it’s easier said than done. It’s just a very sensible thing to do. If you don’t want to subject yourself to disappointments, never expect good things to stay good forever. Enjoy good things while they last; appreciate people’s company and friendship while they are willing to give it to you, and accept their decision gracefully when they decide to leave you. As I said, nothing is permanent. That’s the fact of life. Just accept it or deal with the heartaches, disappointments, and sleepless nights. You always have a choice. Just choose wisely.

Making others wait for you will make them dislike you

I don’t know any person who enjoys waiting especially when the time is ticking and you’re aware that every time the clock ticks you’re wasting your time away all because someone has no respect for your time and for you as a person. I really hate waiting because I don’t understand the reason why people make other people wait. Traffic is never a valid excuse since everybody knows when the rush hour is. Traffic will never adjust to your schedule you have to adjust to its schedule. I know I get late sometimes, but it’s a very rare occurrence. Whenever that happens, it only means one thing… something went terribly wrong. I don’t adhere to the saying, “Better late than never” because I am either present or absent. I am not a fan of lateness. I’m not saying I’m perfect I just don’t understand people who leave the house at the agreed time of the meeting instead of earlier! I always leave earlier than the agreed time, so I always end up waiting. There was a time when I tried being late, but I got paranoid; every minute looking at the clock; fidgeting… the nagging feeling that I would make the person I was about to meet wait kept me on my toe, so I left the house and still ended up arriving early and waited. But I waited only for a few minutes, which is a good thing (even though waiting for just five minutes makes me impatient). At least I didn’t wait that long compared to usual. I meet with friends every chance I get, and I enjoy meeting with them. I just don’t enjoy the waiting. I attended a seminar where lateness was never condoned. I never had a hard time complying with that rule. By the way, I was never harsh with first-time offenders. I just shrug off their offense and then I’m okay, but if the offender repeats the same offense over and over, that’s the time I get really, really mad. A good friend of mine and I fight over it every now and then. I know he doesn’t mean to be late at all, but he gets late nevertheless, and I must admit, my impatience gets the best of me most of the time, so we end up fighting over it every time it happens. Anyway, I think I’m just lucky that I have someone I am comfortable to fight with regarding lateness, otherwise, I’d end up alone without friends because I seem strict regarding time. All I’m saying is lateness is never an attractive habit. It shows lack of respect for other people’s time.

Why knowing how to cook is very important

Here I am once again, trying to make it up to my blog site. I have been busy since Christmas, so I wasn’t able to update my blog.

Anyway, a thought about cooking just hit me while I was cooking my dinner. Nowadays, for some reason, so many women find cooking abhorrent thinking that it’s beneath them. They’re thinking that they’re playing the role of a traditional woman, but it shouldn’t be that way. It’s very important to know how to cook, if not for others, at least for yourself. You don’t want to come home without anything good to eat at home, do you? I personally don’t want to, especially after work. My mom never liked cooking, but she learned to cook very well eventually. But before she did, there were so many trials and errors. She’s not used to cooking actually, because she’s used to having a house helper cook for us. House helpers never last long working for us because they also have a family of their own to attend to (at least that’s how I understand it). It’s not easy to find trustworthy house helpers, so eventually my mom just decided to stop hiring one and decided to do the cooking herself. I remember the time when she first tried cooking, she burnt the food. It’s hell, especially if you’re very hungry and the only food available is the food she cooked. It insulted her when we ignored her cooking, but we were insensitive back then, so we chose to eat outside. Back then her cooking wasn’t something that anyone would look forward to eating after work, but when she became good at cooking, it’s always good to come home for a home-cooked meal. My mom cooks so well now that everyone who tasted her cooking never fails to give her compliments about it. My mom still claims she doesn’t like cooking at all, but she takes the time to check out recipes and try them, and she seems happy when we say her cooking is very delicious; that we want more of it. I don’t know why my mom decided to take her cooking seriously. I just know that for someone who doesn’t like cooking, she’s really good at it. I always look forward to her home-cooked meals on my way home. I don’t know what my mom’s motivation to cook better, but whatever it is, I’m grateful for it. Personally, the reason why I tried cooking myself is because I want to eat good food. At least I know how I prepared it, how clean it is, and what ingredients I want to be included in my cooking. I love experimenting when it comes to foods, actually, and even with beverages. I love food-tripping, so I consider myself adventurous in that area. Although, you wouldn’t see me eating at a pure exotic restaurants where they serve snake meat, live coconut worms, and other disgusting stuffs they call “exotic food”. One of the reasons why I think knowing how to cook good food is because I do believe that one of the ways to people’s hearts is through their stomach. Don’t you agree? They will never forget you because everytime they remember how delicious your cooking is, they will always remember you and all your other good qualities. The people who have tasted my cooking told me they love it, and hearing the compliments I receive is gratifying. I encourage people to try cooking and see what I’m talking about, but keep in mind that when you cook, always do it with dedication, else, the outcome is unappetizing.