Novena Masses – A Christmas Tradition

Novena Masses or Misa de Gallo (also known as Simbang Gabi) is a nine-consecutive-day Mass celebration to welcome Christmas, or the birth of Christ. It is about to start and I am deciding whether to attend the night Novena Mass or the early morning Novena Mass. If I attend the night Novena Mass, it won’t feel like I’m attending a Novena Mass, because traditionally, Misa de Gallo is celebrated very early in the morning and not at night. Then again, if I attend the early morning Novena Mass, I might not be able to complete it because I hate waking up early. Traditionally, Tomorrow is the 15th of December and the start of the night Novena Mass will be tomorrow night. If I decide to attend the early morning Mass, I will be starting on the morning of 16th of December.

I’m torn actually because I like following the traditional way of celebrating Novena Mass, but I also love sleeping. Should I attend the early morning Novena Mass or should I attend the night Novena Mass? I’m still thinking.


2 Responses to Novena Masses – A Christmas Tradition

  1. David says:

    Oh, make the sacrifice! To top it all off, after going to 9 days of Simbang Gabi, we go to midnight mass for Christmas, so our Christmas eve is Simbang Gabi at 5:00 AM, go to work, go to Christmas party, go to Christmas midnight mass to welcome our Savior, then sleep til 10 Christmas morning.

    I know it’s hard, but God appreciates our sacrifices…

    • lemraq says:

      I decided to attend the early morning Mass. It starts at 4:30, but since there are lots of people attending the Mass, we had to wake up much early and go to Church much early to get ourselves a seat. Sometimes, I wish I live in a country where Catholics are the minority so that there will be a few Catholics going to Mass and I will always have a seat. But I know that’s selfish. It’s just a wishful thinking anyway.

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