Modern Architectures and Old Architectures

Everytime I look at old and new architectures, I can’t help comparing them. I wonder if our modern technologies are able to make artistic and elaborate design architectures like the ones done in the old days. I am not an architect, so maybe I will just remain wondering about this. I love old architectures and I always stand in awe whenever I am in front of one. I admire the genius behind those designs. I’m not a fan of modern architectures, so I rarely look at them, to be honest. Why don’t modern architects try designing something like the old architectures? I know they can do it if they put their mind to it, but why don’t they? I really hope I would get an answer to that question someday. With all their simplicity and sophistication, modern architectures are like a reflection of how we are living our life… fast-pacing. Fast-pace attitude also reflects in modern paintings. Seems like in every aspect of life, everyone is trying to do things in a hurry nowadays. Most of the modern architecture designs I see are meant to be built as soon as possible, and I think that’s what makes modern architecture pale in comparison compared to old architectures. For a digital artist like me, I have always been a fan of traditional art compared to modern art. I like elaboration and the obvious patience of the artists back then; how the painstakingly worked on their masterpiece. They are worth all the praises and compliments, and I really thank them for sharing their talent to the rest of the world. I’m glad that their artworks still exist today to serve as an inspiration to people like me.


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