Drooling over Wacom’s new released pen tab

My younger sister sent me a link to a site that showed me a picture of Wacom’s latest version of intuos, intuos4!!! As some of my friends know, I bought intuos3 almost as soon as it was released, so you can imagine just how disheartened I am to know that Wacom released intuos4 so soon. And the fact that it’s more high-tech, more precise, more advanced, more everything, than intuos3, I began to feel the need to have it! I WANT IT!!! I REALLY want it!!! now I’m beginning to feel the same obsession I have had when I was aiming for intuos3… I can feel it in my blood, it’s running through my veins, I REALLY WANT TO HAVE MY OWN INTUOS4!!! Oh, how cruel life can be, how it entices you with so many beautiful things, yet, most of them are almost so impossible to reach…


I will have that intuos4, no matter what it takes! I’ll save money, I’ll work hard, I’ll starve, just to have it in my hands!!!

I almost forgot to mention — I will pray. Ora et labora (prayer and work) as what St. Benedict said! ;)


2 Responses to Drooling over Wacom’s new released pen tab

  1. David says:

    I learned a while ago to never try to keep up with technology-it will bankrupt you….Three years ago I upgraded 4 televisions to flat panel…now they’re 1 inch thick and brighter…I won’t invest until the old one breaks.

    It’s ok to work for a goal, though…and prayer is always good.

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