V for Vendetta (I watched it to face my fears of that mask)

After seeing the mask from the movie V for Vendetta in my nightmare, and scared the life out of me, I decided to watch the movie to face my fears. I didn’t watch the movie because of that particular mask. It really freaked me out when I first saw its movie trailer. Anyway, today I have decided to watch it, to see what it’s really all about, and why the main character there is wearing that freaky mask. I thought it will be as lame as the movie “Daredevil”, because when it was shown at cinemas, it didn’t get that much of attention, so I thought the movie was lame. But surprisingly, the movie is good, way better than I had expected it to be! It’s worth the watch, I promise! I personally liked it. The storyline is very interesting, the visual and sound effects are astounding! There’s a love story, yes, but the movie didn’t focus on that, which is good, but maybe the love story is important to show the human side of the masked man. I like the message of the movie. Hope. It’s really very good. I like the red roses as the masked man’s signature. For those who haven’t watched it yet, you won’t regret if you decide to watch it. I would like to know other people’s opinion of the movie other than mine.


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