Novena Masses – A Christmas Tradition

Novena Masses or Misa de Gallo (also known as Simbang Gabi) is a nine-consecutive-day Mass celebration to welcome Christmas, or the birth of Christ. It is about to start and I am deciding whether to attend the night Novena Mass or the early morning Novena Mass. If I attend the night Novena Mass, it won’t feel like I’m attending a Novena Mass, because traditionally, Misa de Gallo is celebrated very early in the morning and not at night. Then again, if I attend the early morning Novena Mass, I might not be able to complete it because I hate waking up early. Traditionally, Tomorrow is the 15th of December and the start of the night Novena Mass will be tomorrow night. If I decide to attend the early morning Mass, I will be starting on the morning of 16th of December.

I’m torn actually because I like following the traditional way of celebrating Novena Mass, but I also love sleeping. Should I attend the early morning Novena Mass or should I attend the night Novena Mass? I’m still thinking.


Drooling over Wacom’s new released pen tab

My younger sister sent me a link to a site that showed me a picture of Wacom’s latest version of intuos, intuos4!!! As some of my friends know, I bought intuos3 almost as soon as it was released, so you can imagine just how disheartened I am to know that Wacom released intuos4 so soon. And the fact that it’s more high-tech, more precise, more advanced, more everything, than intuos3, I began to feel the need to have it! I WANT IT!!! I REALLY want it!!! now I’m beginning to feel the same obsession I have had when I was aiming for intuos3… I can feel it in my blood, it’s running through my veins, I REALLY WANT TO HAVE MY OWN INTUOS4!!! Oh, how cruel life can be, how it entices you with so many beautiful things, yet, most of them are almost so impossible to reach…


I will have that intuos4, no matter what it takes! I’ll save money, I’ll work hard, I’ll starve, just to have it in my hands!!!

I almost forgot to mention — I will pray. Ora et labora (prayer and work) as what St. Benedict said! ;)

Saddened after watching a documentary about Julius Ceasar

I never thought I’d feel this way, since Julius Caesar wasn’t one of my favorite historical characters. But after watching a documentary about him; watching the re-enactment on how he was stabbed to death when he attended the senate, and how people of Rome grieved over his death, I realized that, even though he was a brutal emperor, the people of Rome loved him. so, anyway, it made me think… it’s really a waste when a person as great as Julius Caesar gets assassinated, or suddenly dies. Actually, after watching a documentary about him, he became one of my favorite historical characters! It was said that, as he was dying, he covered his face  “because he cannot be seen to be brought so low”. Even though his enemies succeeded in bringing him down, they didn’t succeed in taking away his dignity and greatness… Poetic, isn’t it?

Modern Architectures and Old Architectures

Everytime I look at old and new architectures, I can’t help comparing them. I wonder if our modern technologies are able to make artistic and elaborate design architectures like the ones done in the old days. I am not an architect, so maybe I will just remain wondering about this. I love old architectures and I always stand in awe whenever I am in front of one. I admire the genius behind those designs. I’m not a fan of modern architectures, so I rarely look at them, to be honest. Why don’t modern architects try designing something like the old architectures? I know they can do it if they put their mind to it, but why don’t they? I really hope I would get an answer to that question someday. With all their simplicity and sophistication, modern architectures are like a reflection of how we are living our life… fast-pacing. Fast-pace attitude also reflects in modern paintings. Seems like in every aspect of life, everyone is trying to do things in a hurry nowadays. Most of the modern architecture designs I see are meant to be built as soon as possible, and I think that’s what makes modern architecture pale in comparison compared to old architectures. For a digital artist like me, I have always been a fan of traditional art compared to modern art. I like elaboration and the obvious patience of the artists back then; how the painstakingly worked on their masterpiece. They are worth all the praises and compliments, and I really thank them for sharing their talent to the rest of the world. I’m glad that their artworks still exist today to serve as an inspiration to people like me.

V for Vendetta (I watched it to face my fears of that mask)

After seeing the mask from the movie V for Vendetta in my nightmare, and scared the life out of me, I decided to watch the movie to face my fears. I didn’t watch the movie because of that particular mask. It really freaked me out when I first saw its movie trailer. Anyway, today I have decided to watch it, to see what it’s really all about, and why the main character there is wearing that freaky mask. I thought it will be as lame as the movie “Daredevil”, because when it was shown at cinemas, it didn’t get that much of attention, so I thought the movie was lame. But surprisingly, the movie is good, way better than I had expected it to be! It’s worth the watch, I promise! I personally liked it. The storyline is very interesting, the visual and sound effects are astounding! There’s a love story, yes, but the movie didn’t focus on that, which is good, but maybe the love story is important to show the human side of the masked man. I like the message of the movie. Hope. It’s really very good. I like the red roses as the masked man’s signature. For those who haven’t watched it yet, you won’t regret if you decide to watch it. I would like to know other people’s opinion of the movie other than mine.

Sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, paranormal activity, or what?

Two nights ago I had this half-awake-half-asleep nightmare experience and I was having a hard time breathing. I was trying to shake myself awake, but to no avail. I tried to shout, but no voice came out. I tried and tried until finally I was able to utter the word, “Help!” I did it several times. It didn’t sound like “Help” at all though, but rather very hard to distinguish words. Thankfully, my older sister heard me and woke me up. I opened my eyes, but not totally, just enough for me to stir myself up from my sleep completely. Even though a bit groggy still, I forced myself to go down the stairs and get my Rosary. I wrapped it around my wrist and tried going back to sleep. I don’t know if what caused my nightmare is due to too much fatigue that I experienced sleep paralysis, or is it because of my asthma preventing little oxygen to go to my brain, or is it a paranormal activity (I’m considering all possibilities)? Whatever caused it, I hate it when nightmares like that happen. I thought it was the end of me, if it wasn’t because of my older sister waking me up, I think I’m still sleeping up to now, no kidding.

By the way, the one I saw in my nightmare standing beside the bed has this face (this face has always freaked me out, but that’s so long ago. I didn’t even watch the movie):

Unnecessary Drama?

During Christmas season I don’t understand why Philippine TV is full of drama. Filipinos love comedy but for some reason they also love heavy drama. But I don’t know why they make a specific drama especially for Christmas season and call it special. It’s something I have noticed. Even variety shows that focus on fun and comedy switch to drama during Christmas season. I honestly don’t understand this. Isn’t Christmas the season to be jolly (according to a song), so why the drama? I can understand if the drama is made during All Soul’s Day, because that’s the day of the dead, but not Christmas.