She Moves Through the Fair (Boyzone version)

This song had captivated me since the day I first heard it.  I know I have always avoided listening to songs that give me an eerie feeling, but this song conveys a very melancholic feeling… It’s just so hard not to fall in love with it!  Ronan Keating’s voice suits this song perfectly!  Well, to begin with, I have always loved Irish music.  I like the sound of the bagpipe (I’m not sure if it’s a bagpipe, though) and the echo effect, and not to mention the drums, they effectively make the listener feel the emotion of the song.  I love how the sounds were arranged!  So perfect!

On the side note, as much as this song captivates me, I can’t understand why anyone would want to play this on their wedding.  Then again, to each his/her own.

Here is a video by amethyst2001 from youtube using the song.


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