Christmas: Jesus or Santa?

In a country where Christians are the majority such as the Philippines, I find it strange that we seem to be celebrating Santa Claus more than we celebrate Jesus. Ask little children what comes to mind when they hear the word Christmas and they will answer, “Santa Claus”, “reindeer”, “elves” and everything that has something to do with Santa. It’s very rare to hear the name Jesus. Catholicism is part of Philippine culture, but with this growing trend of materialism and consumerism, we seem to be losing our culture, beliefs, and values, resulting in losing our identity as Filipinos. I think it’s sad.


6 Responses to Christmas: Jesus or Santa?

  1. David says:

    It’s because your country has been tainted by American pop culture. I beg you to hang on to your heritage, especially encourage your fellows to join you in celebrating Simbang Gabi. Keep Christ in your Christmas…:)

    • lemraq says:

      I know! I guess I’m just lucky I have a devout Catholic family, else, I might be celebrating Santa Claus as well. Yes, I intend to attend Simbang Gabi. I hope I’ll be able to wake up that early for 9 days. :)

  2. David says:

    Just think of all the treats after mass…that should get you up!

  3. Ted Torreson says:

    Continue to call them back to the real meaning of Christmas, the birthday of the most important person ever to walk this earth.

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