Why dressing well is very important

I just remembered an incident that really shocked me.  I dropped by at one of KFC branches in Manila area before going home to get something to eat.  I was with a friend that night and as we were queuing, there’s these two little boys queuing, too, at our right side.  Their clothes are very dirty and they’re only wearing slippers.  In their hands they’re holding coins.  They were planning what to buy as they point at the picture of foods available when a security guard suddenly grabbed them by the arm and dragged them outside KFC.  I stood in shock, frozen, as I heard one of the boys try to explain, “I have money, I’m going to buy”, but his explanation fell on deaf ears.  I heard the coins fell on the floor and little boys started crying, deeply mortified.  I heard their bitter cries even though they’re already outside.  They were bawling in bitterness and feeling deeply humiliated.

I know the coins they had were hard-earned, they must have saved it with the intention of eating there.  The humiliation they were subjected to, all because they couldn’t afford to buy decent and clean clothes, will serve as a life-time scar to them.  They will never forget it.  I was enraged, but such a coward to make a scene to fight for the children.  I deeply regret that I didn’t do anything.  I could have saved them from a lifetime trauma, I could have shown them that not all people are bad, but I did nothing.  I heard my friend say, “Good for them.  Why do they (KFC) allow kids like that to enter the premise?”  I stared at her in amazement.  I couldn’t believe I heard her say that.  I felt very disgusted at what I heard from her, and felt disgusted with her.  But who am I to feel that way when I didn’t do anything to help the kids myself?  My friend just thought I would be pleased with her if she says that because she thinks I’m that kind of person for some reason, but I am far from pleased.  I may appear heartless to other people, but I am far from being heartless, especially for little children and helpless people in general.  I am not as cold-hearted, selfish, or bratty as I appear to be.

In this world where people are not seen as people unless they dress in a way they seem like they have money, one should always keep in mind to make sure they look presentable if they want to be treated as a human being.  Disgusting as it may sound, but that’s reality.


7 Responses to Why dressing well is very important

  1. David says:

    Too late for now, but if you’re in that situation next time, either tell the guard that the children are with you, or else buy some food for them after they’re outside. This will witness to your friend that you are doing what Jesus said in the gospel. “When I was hungry, you gave me food, when I was thirsty, you gave me drink…” Some people forget where they come from after they have a few coins in their pockets.

    God bless you…you will see what to do next time…Go to Church, Carmi…!

    • lemraq says:

      I know… We learn from our mistakes… I pray that those kids will grow up to be good people… but it’s like hoping against hope.

      God bless you, too. I went to Church to celebrate Christ the King. :)

  2. David says:

    Thanks you so much. I appreciate it and so does HE! :)

  3. David says:

    Unfortunately, they will, and that’s where Catholics’ sense of social justice comes in…there’s a story about a man who walks to church and sees a young boy crying in hunger in the street. The man is moved to tears, and goes into his church and prays about the young boy. He asks God why God doesn’t do something about all the poor, starving children, how could He allow such travesty???In anguish he cries. The Lord answers his silent prayer. He says “I did do something for that starving child. I sent YOU to notice him and help him.”

    I would ask that you use Mother Theresa as a role model to help those poor.

    • lemraq says:

      That’s a very good story… thank you. I guess that’s what I didn’t realize. You’re right, somebody must act.

      • David says:

        Thank you for considering it. Especially in Christmas season, we should all remember the humble child that was going to suffer die and save us all…:)

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