Unfair “justice” served?

Yesterday I was watching news and heard that a doctor here who was involved in a sex scandal with an actress just got his license taken away from him. This doctor got all the blame for the sex video that came out showing very “mature” contents (so I was told). I never saw the entire contents of the video only clips in youtube where the doctor is dancing like in a gay bar or something, and the actress is also dancing like in strippers’ club. Anyway, the Medical Association of the Philippines suspended this particular doctor’s license because of this scandal. I don’t know on what grounds in particular they’ve given to execute their decision, but I really think it’s unfair no matter how much I try to see it in every angle of the issue. It’s not as if the doctor intended to show the video to the public. Besides, the doctor is not the only guilty party, but why did he get that much punishment while the actress was totally absolved?  People should keep in mind that she won’t be in that sex video if she wasn’t there doing something in the first place. She’s not a little girl. She wasn’t tricked into it.  She knew what she was doing when she went to that doctor’s place, why did she become a victim all of a sudden? How is she a victim? Is it because of the video? As I said already, she won’t be in the video if she’s not in his place doing something she’s not supposed to do in the first place. I don’t understand why people treat that doctor like a common rapist who deserves a death sentence. Also, one issue that people seemed to have overlooked is the issue that this actress slept with this said doctor who was committed to her female doctor friend. In short, this actress cheated with her friend’s boyfriend. The actress can cry in mortification or embarrassment all she wants, but didn’t the doctor suffer the same? The doctor had his share of embarrassment and mortification as well, why don’t people try to see his side? This is not to say that this actress should get all the blame, but that she also participated in the act, so she’s not an innocent victim. I am not being harsh in judging that actress’ character. I’m just trying to make sense of the decision of taking away that doctor’s license, that’s all. Ruining somebody else’s life is overreacting in my opinion. I can’t dismiss the thought that maybe the Medical Association of the Philippines felt pressured in taking away that particular doctor’s license because a senator/actor proposed it, putting the idea into the masses’ mind.  I know many people will get mad at me if they happen to see this post, but hey, if we really want real justice, we should try seeing both sides of the story, right?


2 Responses to Unfair “justice” served?

  1. Bea says:

    I actually saw the videos. Waaaay before it was banned. He was very very aware of recording the sex act, but the women weren’t. Perverse as it may seem, I thought I saw the look of love on Katrina’s face as she looked up at Hayden, and then he’d disappear into a dark room and adjust the camera. Bastard. I would say she’s right about feeling betrayed (makes you paranoid even further if your future husband wouldn’t be videotaping you while you’re doing it, ne?), but she wasn’t the only woman.

    I think he should be stripped of his license because he dabbled in drugs. This came out in courts. A doctor shouldn’t do that. This isn’t unfair. Why would you trust your life at the hands of a doctor who uses illegal substances?

    • lemraq says:

      True, you made a very valid point, but why do people castigate only him? Remember that man was committed to someone, why did people absolve the women who slept with him? I think that’s the point I was really trying to make. About him taking drugs, well, it’s illegal, so yeah, sure, then he really deserved his license to be taken away from him. As I have said, I wasn’t sure on what grounds the decision of stripping him off of his license was made, so thanks for clearing that out for me. As for Katrina feeling betrayed, what can she really expect from a man who cheats on his girlfriend?

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