Christ the King

I went to Mass today with my mom and found out that it’s Christ the King. My mom was surprised, too, because it means that after Christ the King is the beginning of Advent. I personally don’t have any idea what the occasions mean, in fact, as I am writing this, my mom is explaining them to me. My mom and I were supposed to attend Mass at 5:30pm, but I told my mom I don’t think I feel like going, but my mom didn’t seem to hear it. I wasn’t preparing to go to Church when she told me we’re not going to make it at 5:30pm Mass therefore we should just go to Mass at 7:00pm. So, I had no choice but to go with her and attend the 7:00pm Mass. I thought maybe it’s really time for me to go to Church. I was actually thinking that maybe God has a message for me, but when I listened to the Homily, it’s about the death of one of the priests in that Church. Even though I know that the topic of death was just an introduction to the main topic, which is life after death and the Kingdom of Jesus being not of this world, the homily still made me feel depressed. I have been feeling physically ill lately for some reason I can’t understand, and up to now I still do, and listening to topics about death, or life after it is really not a good timing for me. Then again, maybe it’s time for me to ponder on it and begin to examine the way I am living my life. Today it is that priest’s time (May eternal light shine upon him), tomorrow who knows, maybe it’s ours.


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