The price of an active imagination is loss of sleep

I want to take a nap, but since I’m all by myself right now, I can’t.  My mind is full of ghost stories for me to be able to get some sleep.  I can’t remember the time I wasn’t scared to sleep alone.  At a young age I was already exposed to horror movies and scary stories.  I remember how scared I was each time my grandfather turns off the lights when we were about to go to sleep (my grandfather was my nanny).  As I try to sleep, I cover myself with a blanket and tried to be alert in case some entity pops up.  There was a time when I was watching TV and there’s this topic about cremation (gosh, just mentioning that word gives me goose bumps) and the camera focused on this hole where you can see this fire burning inside.  I was so scared I couldn’t sleep that night.  That image kept playing over and over in my mind as I try to sleep with the lights off.  I was perspiring cold perspiration under the blankets, it was torture!  And I used to have this friend whose favorite pastime is to make up stories.  She told me that, if I mention the word “dead” at night, a dead body will fall on me from the ceiling.  As a kid, I believed her.  Again, I couldn’t sleep that night, and for so many nights, actually.  I don’t remember how I got over it, but somehow I did.  And now that I’m older, whenever my friends drop by for a visit and decide to stay over for the night, our pastime is to share ghost stories with each other.  So, here I am, all by myself, scared out of my wits, lacking sleep… now what should I do?

Just in time I finished this entry my mom arrived!!! Whew, what a relief!!! Now I’ll take a nap. :)


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