“Queen of Fashion” by Caroline Weber

I saw this book, “Queen of Fashion” only in the internet because, apparently, all bookstores that I’ve looked don’t have this. It’s unfortunate because I’m not satisfied with just knowing the fact that this book exists I really want to read the contents of it! It’s disappointing and really sad that books about Marie Antoinette are not as famous as books like “Twilight”, “New Moon”, or something like that. If they are, they will be available always! I am planning to make a collection of books about Marie Antoinette, but up to now, I don’t own even one single book about her.  I have no plan on buying the book, “Marie Antoinette: Writings on the Body of a Queen” though, because after reading the summary of it, I know for certain that I don’t agree with it; the way it was written, the approach, and the way it was presented. So anyway, what I want to buy first, if available (although impossible), is “Memoirs of Marie Antoinette” by Madame Campan, and the rest will follow, like the book “Trianon” by Elena Maria Vidal, and “Queen of Fashion” by Caroline Weber.  I know that there are lots of other reliable sources for people who want to know about the real Marie Antoinette.  So anyway, here’s a video about the book “Queen of Fashion”.


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