Men + Subject about women’s fashion = Funny

Talking to men about beauty and style can be a very amusing experience.  I have male friends with whom I can be very open about my choice of fashion and looks, even though they disagree with me most of the time. I just had a conversation with my male friends about my hair today and the color I chose to dye it with, which was supposed to be red.  And when I say red, I really mean red, but I ended up with orangey hair.  I’m not concerned about natural-looking red hair because red is not the natural color of my hair anyway. The reason why I chose the color red is because I like red a lot.  So anyway, when a male friend of mine and I were heading home we were trying to figure out why I didn’t achieve the color I want.  He’s into cars,  and I was so amused by the theory he came up with using the same logic applied to painting cars.  He was thinking that maybe the way to dye hair is the same way of applying color to cars, and the way to apply color to cars is use a black paint as a primer.  So he suggested that maybe to achieve the color I want, I should dye my hair with black first and then red.  I wanted to laugh, but I didn’t want to offend him, but it really amused me the way he tried to figure out the cause of my “problem” for me and solve it as well.  I’m thankful to him that no matter how shallow I sounded, he tried to go on with the conversation.  Gay men are different, though.  I have gay friends and they are so knowledgeable in outrageous fashions that we really know what each other is talking about. Unlike with straight men, it really feels like a different world.  Straight men in general are funny whenever they try to figure out the way how women achieve their looks.  I guess what really amuses me is the thought that they really entertain the subject about beauty or fashion if you talk to them about it.  No matter how clueless they are about it, they really try.  I know I’m not returning the favor when they talk to me about cars, because I always complain that I can’t relate.  It really bores me to death no matter how I try to convince myself it’s an interesting subject.


2 Responses to Men + Subject about women’s fashion = Funny

  1. Bea says:

    To make the red come out, you actually have to do the opposite (of dyeing your hair black). You have to bleach it till it’s white first, THEN you dye your hair red.

    • lemraq says:

      Hahahaha, kaya nga gusto ko tumawa, hahaha! Super nakakatuwa kasi isipin na talagang he tried to figure it out for me kahit wala talaga sha alam patungkol sa hair dyeing.

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