I woke up with tonsillitis and I’m not feeling well. I just dealt with tonsillitis not so long ago, and now I’m dealing with it again. Maybe my sugar intake is too much because yesterday I have been drinking too much coke and eating too many candies and pastries.  I was told that sugar can cause inflammation of tonsils, so I really think those sweets are the culprit.  I’ll just drink more water today, but if the inflammation continues, I’ll go to the doctor.  I just hope the doctor won’t suggest removing my tonsils, because I don’t want an operation of any kind.  I wonder what kind of antibiotics I can take to cure this tonsillitis… hmmm. I was told an over-the-counter kind of antibiotics will do, but I’m scared to take any antibiotics without the doctor’s prescription.  I heard many end up with Steven Johnson’s Syndrome (Warning: too graphic). I may be paranoid, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Tonsillitis is temporary while Steven Johnson’s Syndrome is permanent, not to mention, life-threatening. I guess I’ll just deal with tonsillitis by drinking lots of water.


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