Lip Plumper

I just bought a lip plumper today.  I was never convinced by it, but I bought one nonetheless to see if it really works.  I’m already satisfied with the way my lips look, but as an aspiring makeup artist, I want to see how I can create a “different” face with my face.  Anyway, I was right for being not convinced because it honestly doesn’t work. It just stings your lips, but nothing happens. And when you lick your lips the menthol goes to your mouth and it’s unpleasant. I would never recommend it to anyone.  You can achieve fuller-looking lips just by using an ordinary lip gloss, so what’s the point in using a lip plumper? None.  Maybe to some it will help somehow, but personally, I am not a fan of overly full lips that almost take over half of your face.


6 Responses to Lip Plumper

  1. David says:

    I know you’re into fashion and beauty, and believe me, I am too. I love beautiful women!
    But as a man, I want you all to know that you do not need to do all that stuff, and if a guy tells you you need to, you should find another guy. Most women are really beautiful exactly how they are, and any man who focusses on the physical beauty is not respecting the person…

    Yes celebs always need to look their best because of what they do. Would you like to see Regina Bell if she wasn’t dressed up, or Sharon Cuneta? But for your average woman on the street, there’s someone who will like you just the way you look, and your task is to find that or those people….:)

    • lemraq says:

      believe me, a dear friend is also protesting against my buying it =P. I do believe that some women need makeup, they really do. As long as they don’t over-do it, it’s very classy. I help them with what products to buy by trying the products on myself first. And also, as an aspiring makeup artist, I try my best to achieve the kind of look that my clients ask for. I always practice on myself. But I know what you mean, and thank you. =)

  2. David says:

    Yeah, I know. Also since ‘your’ people tend to have natural blush, you tend not to do too much makeup. My wife and I joke about women over here using spackle on their faces (this is the stuff you buy in the hardware store to patch imperfections in the walls of your house…).

    As long as you respect what God has given you, I’m ok with it (as if you need my permission :) ) BTW I have a granddaughter who’s aspiring for the same thing. But the lady who cuts my hair says that the business (here) is so full of deceit because a beauty shop is in business to sell products, and the very nature of their interest in selling products or perms or elaborate hair coiffures sometimes outweighs their honesty. She told me of a woman who wanted to dye her hair from black to blonde in one shot, and the manager of the shop did what she asked, only to have most of her hair fall out. My stylist said she tried to convince the woman that it should take two or three tries to get from here to there, but the woman really wanted it and the manager allowed it. Now the woman wants to sue the shop…

    God bless!

    • lemraq says:

      Natural blush? I find that quite the opposite, to be honest. Very few people here have natural blush. =P

      True, some people over-do their makeup. That’s why some people really need to be guided on how to successfully achieve the looks they want. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I have to say that I have enough experience to impart to people, who have the same interest I have, what I have learned. I have people requesting especially for me to do their makeup, but sometimes, I am very busy with multimedia stuff that I can’t accept their request. I know I should feel sorry for that woman who lost her hair, but it’s her fault she insisted on doing it. She should learn to take responsibility for her own actions. I know that sounds harsh, but that’s true. She’s a customer, and because of the saying that customers are always right, she got what she wanted – and that is dyeing her hair blond with one shot, but unfortunately she lost her hair as the end result. She can’t blame anyone but herself. She can’t say she wasn’t warned. I have a friend who’s an expert in hair dyeing and she explained to me the process on how to make black hair blond or at least lighter (I have no intention to dye my hair blonde, though). She also practices on herself. I saw her with pink hair, sometimes blue. If I really think about it, she’s my rival in the “industry” =P. But I believe God has given all of us a unique talent that no matter how much they seem to be the same, there will always be a uniqueness in it. Anyway, the sad reality is, some people tend to over-do and risking their own life. I offer people the safest way possible to achieve the looks they want because I don’t want to encourage them to resort to surgery or anything that drastic (although some people thought I had my nose done). Many people die under the knife, and for me, even though I am a fan of beauty, if it’s only for beauty’s sake, it’s really not worth it. But many people are really dissatisfied with the way they look, and I can only do so much. What I want for people to see is their own beauty and uniqueness without any permanent “alteration” done.

      God bless you, too!

  3. David says:

    OK, maybe it’s not a blush, but to me it’s natural makeup…I love your naturally tan skin! I’ve always liked darker skinned women, so maybe it’s just a thing with me. Like some only like blondes. IT’s just so superficial!

    As long as it’s enhancement and not changing, you’re right. And I wouldn’t want anyone to go under the knife or inject poison into their lips or take prescription to make eyelashes grow.

    I just want people to be happy with what God gave them! Look at that woman singer who is not pretty in the least, but has the voice of an angel! Thankfully, she got the confidence to present herself as a talent and didn’t worry about physical beauty…

    • lemraq says:

      Thank you. I’m glad you didn’t use the word exotic, haha! No one here would like to be called exotic =P. That word has a different connotation here. :D

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