Me Muero De Amor

This song is from an Argentinian Drama series on TV.  I like this song very much, although I know a particular friend will puke if I share it with him.  Our taste in music is totally different.  Anyway, I searched for the meaning of the lyrics of the song and I found this answer in Y!A translating every line.  But I will not include the Spanish lyrics, just the English, so here it is!

I’m Dying of Love

You left without a word
closing the door
just when I asked for little bit more
a little bit more
fear made you withdraw from the nest
without an answer
leaving a wounded heart
leaving me behind

and now I’m dying of love if you’re not here
I’m dying and can’t wait
for you to come back again
next to me, with your kisses
because I’m dying of love if you’re not here
I’m dying and can’t wait
I need to have you here, next to me
without your love, I can’t live
among your paper I found a letter
only in crowded lines, sentences without meaning
you say the reason was you couldn’t breathe
but I always let you be free
without conditions
tell me it isn’t true
that I’m going to awaken
close to your skin
the same as [up until] yesterday

NOTE: I don’t know if the translation is literal, but to all non-Spanish speakers like me, it’s a huge help to know the meaning of the song.


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