If you’re not convinced with the products, it’s futile to convince anyone else with it.

A stranger invited me to some sort of a seminar that I totally had no idea about, so yesterday I went to the address that was given to me and found out that the seminar wasn’t really a seminar but the stake-holders’ marketing strategy of convincing people to buy their products and use them, and at the same time earn money by convincing other people to join and use the products as well. In short, it’s a networking company. I can let the fact that they’re a networking company go even if I’m naturally suspicious with all the networking companies, but the bottom line of my problem is not the money, but the fact that I’m not convinced with their products. Their products are like any other vitamins out there that’s just more expensive. I honestly didn’t see anything new. They have there a product that they guarantee can make people’s metabolism grow faster or something like that. One of the speakers showed his old pictures where he was chubby and compared the new him to his old pictures. Indeed, he is lean now. He’s making himself a living proof that that particular product works, but I thought to myself, ‘how can I be a living proof using that product if I am thin all my life?’ My reaction to their other products was all the same. In other words, they failed to convince me despite of my willingness to get convinced from the moment the speakers were introduced to the moment they ended up their presentation. No one can tell me I didn’t cooperate. So, I thought to myself, ‘I’m never going to be an effective endorser of their products even if I try them myself because I know I won’t be showing any difference. And also, if anything, they’re also not effective speakers, or sales people. As I said, I was so willing to get convinced the moment the speakers were introduced, but despite of my cooperation with them, I still ended up unconvinced. If I missed this opportunity to earn money by not joining them, it doesn’t matter, because I know I won’t earn anyway even if I join. Me being not convinced despite of my cooperation is a huge factor why I know I’m going to fail in that venture.

One thing I learned after thinking it all through, don’t venture into something you’re not convinced and think you’re going to be successful as the people who ventured in the same business because it’s a case to case basis. To some people, that path to success is for them, but to me it isn’t.

Ooh, by the way, before I forget, even if I went to that networking company because of a stranger’s invite, I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it. I personally just went because I was very curious, but I forwarded to my mother the address I am going to and also the stranger’s name even if it has no surname included. I jokingly told my mom that if I failed to come home until morning, she can call the police and search for me. Even if I am naturally a coward, I am a risk-taker as well.


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