I was at an internet shop two days ago sitting on a sofa and waiting for my friends to finish their video gaming when I heard a male voice shouted, “BREAK A LIG”.  At first the shout didn’t bother me just one bit as funny or something.  But that same person continued to shout, “BREAK A LIG! BREAK A LIG! BREAK A LIG!”… As if he’s in a rally.

I thought to myself, “What the heck was that last word!” because it’s becoming suddenly annoying to me that I can’t figure what the last word is.  So I listened carefully, “BREAK A LIG!”, I didn’t get it still, so again, “BREAK A LIG!”, again I didn’t get it, so again I listened, “BREAK A LIG!”

Suddenly, lo and behold, I recognized it! it’s an idiom!!! And for the life of me, the word is LIG!!!  I was shocked to hear it because I didn’t expect anyone to have that accent in that place!  If I didn’t recognize the idiom I wouldn’t be able to arrive to a conclusion that he meant “LEG”.  As if I experienced some kind of enlightenment, it actually felt like I saw the light, hahaha! I laughed at myself for being so slow on the uptake.  Of COURSE IT MEANS LEG, how silly of me!

And that same day, my friends ate siomai (a Chinese dumpling) with a chilly oil seasoned with a cockroach. Nom, nom, nom, what a treat! They were so grossed out they alerted the vendor about it, hahaha! Whew, good thing I wasn’t in the mood to eat siomai, else, I would have been one of the victims, hahaha!


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