The importance of other people’s appreciation and the power of their words. :)

I just read a very nice comment from another poster on my Behance account saying that I do a type of artworks he always liked, and he said that even my signature is cool.  I’m really, really, flattered and deeply moved.  I never expected that somewhere out there someone would appreciate my art style, although, in my deviantart account someone was supporting me without me knowing until I actually met that person in real life.  She’s my friend’s cousin.  But when she was telling me about this artist that she says is her favorite, I really had no idea she was talking about me – who would?  Of all people, I would never dare think it’s me.  Anyway, she didn’t know it was me either.  We were just having a chit chat and sharing our interests to each other.  She said she used to draw but because, for years, she became very busy, she had no time to draw and afraid that she’s out of practice.  I encouraged her to draw again because I believe that when a person really has talent, he or she can always go back to it.  Days had passed and I finally finished my first attempt at creating a portrait of Marie Antoinette.  I posted it on deviantart and posted the link on facebook.  One day, I received a phone call from her telling me that she can’t believe the artist in deviantart that she was talking about was me!  It didn’t sink in to my head at first until she repeated it over and over, and when it finally sunk into my head, I couldn’t believe it as well!  She said she was so thrilled that she told her friends she met me and she said her friends couldn’t believe it either.  Anyway, I’m not bragging.  I’m just thankful for these people because they are an encouragement to me.  I like to do things the way I want them done, so I thought I’m the only one who can appreciate my works, that’s why I’m so happy when I receive kind words from people about my works.  If the person who made that comment in my Behance account reads this, I really want to say thank you!  You have no idea how those words encouraged me to continue with my own style. Now I feel more motivated!!!


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