A very strange worm in my dream…


I drew this creature the way I saw it in my dreams.

Last night I had a very strange dream that turned into a nightmare.  I was in this strange place where I couldn’t help noticing this red creature that looks like a rose, but it’s actually some kind of a caterpillar. In my dreams I have a hint that it’s some kind of caterpillar and it’s itchy.  I tried avoiding it, but suddenly someone jokingly put it on my arm for just seconds and made my arm itch.  I was so freaked out it made my skin crawl.  When finally the creature was lifted, I saw small thorns like that of a rose buried in my wrist.  I was scared as I tried to brush off the thorns from my wrist and as my arm started to itch. And then suddenly I was told to prepare because the ghouls are approaching. I saw them, but that I woke up when I saw one screaming.

Anyway, the worm was so vivid in my dream that I was able to draw it in details.


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