How tall was Marie Antoinette?

After watching Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, I started wondering how tall the real Marie Antoinette was because Kirsten Dunst looks very thin and small compared to the real Marie Antoinette. Does anyone have any idea? It seems like no one really took note of it, and no one was really able to tell, because of her towering hairdo. She looks tall in paintings of her, though.

On a side note: I’m not going to make a review about the movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola because Elena Maria Vidal already made a well-thought review on it. There’s nothing I can say about the movie that she hasn’t already said.


2 Responses to How tall was Marie Antoinette?

  1. tim says:

    I did read that she was quite tall
    for ladies of that time… and buxum too !
    She had a very noble bearing and walk as
    befitting an Austrian princess and Queen of France

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