Halloween… my most hated day…

I honestly don’t know what to write… maybe because it’s Halloween and I refuse to give it much thought, if I give it any thought at all. All I keep hearing from the news is about coffins, cemeteries, dead people, etc. and I hate topics about those things! I like ghost stories and other paranormal activities, but not about death, or whatever. Anyway I don’t want to talk about it any further.


2 Responses to Halloween… my most hated day…

  1. David says:

    Well, you could remember the real purpose of all those ‘Eve’s’…All Hallow’s Eve (where Halloween comes from) is originally the beginning of the liturgical feast of All Saints. All major holy days (Christmas, Easter, even Ash Wednesday) start at sundown the evening before, a Jewish tradition. So while we celebrate the Church Triumphant, the saints, on Nov 1, the evening becomes All Saint’s Eve. If you recall from the Lord’s Prayer that Hallowed means revered, then you’ll know that Halloween is the night for us to revere all those saints in heaven. In fact, many devout Catholic children dress up as saints.

    Modern pop culture has changed what Halloween really is, maybe next time you’ll have a better outlook!

    God Bless!

    • lemraq says:

      I do remember, but, as you just said, pop culture changed what Halloween really is and that kind of change is what’s scary… morbid. Thank you for the information about the origin of the word Halloween… I must admit, I didn’t know. Now I will have a good reason to celebrate it. Thank you so much! :)

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