She Moves Through the Fair (Boyzone version)

This song had captivated me since the day I first heard it.  I know I have always avoided listening to songs that give me an eerie feeling, but this song conveys a very melancholic feeling… It’s just so hard not to fall in love with it!  Ronan Keating’s voice suits this song perfectly!  Well, to begin with, I have always loved Irish music.  I like the sound of the bagpipe (I’m not sure if it’s a bagpipe, though) and the echo effect, and not to mention the drums, they effectively make the listener feel the emotion of the song.  I love how the sounds were arranged!  So perfect!

On the side note, as much as this song captivates me, I can’t understand why anyone would want to play this on their wedding.  Then again, to each his/her own.

Here is a video by amethyst2001 from youtube using the song.

Paranormal Activity (2009) Movie Review

It’s a documentary type of movie – an everyday life of a couple documenting a paranormal activity that’s happening in their home. The beginning of the movie is dragging. I kept yawning, I thought I would sleep the whole movie through, but as the movie progresses so is the suspense. It’s a movie that will get you hooked up to the end. I must say it’s a good movie, but not excellent, just good. I can watch it again if only the beginning is not that dragging.



Christmas: Jesus or Santa?

In a country where Christians are the majority such as the Philippines, I find it strange that we seem to be celebrating Santa Claus more than we celebrate Jesus. Ask little children what comes to mind when they hear the word Christmas and they will answer, “Santa Claus”, “reindeer”, “elves” and everything that has something to do with Santa. It’s very rare to hear the name Jesus. Catholicism is part of Philippine culture, but with this growing trend of materialism and consumerism, we seem to be losing our culture, beliefs, and values, resulting in losing our identity as Filipinos. I think it’s sad.

Cool World (1992)

This may be very late for a movie review on Cool World, but I just happened to watch it at 3:00am in the morning today.  It’s a good movie, although it’s not fit for children to watch.  I think it’s not meant for children anyway, was it?  Anyway, I noticed that the way the cartoons interact with real people is very awkward.  It never ceased to distract me, maybe because I can’t avoid comparing it to advanced animation that we see today.  Also, Brad Pitt’s acting is so terrible.  It’s pretty obvious that he can’t see the animations in front of him and that he’s just imagining them, at the same time he can’t convince himself that he’s actually seeing them.  In general, the story is interesting, though.  The movie is entertaining.  Just ignore the acting, especially Brad Pitt’s.  Then again, I may be biased about Brad Pitt’s acting in Cool World because I don’t like Brad Pitt, never did, but see and judge for yourself.

Why dressing well is very important

I just remembered an incident that really shocked me.  I dropped by at one of KFC branches in Manila area before going home to get something to eat.  I was with a friend that night and as we were queuing, there’s these two little boys queuing, too, at our right side.  Their clothes are very dirty and they’re only wearing slippers.  In their hands they’re holding coins.  They were planning what to buy as they point at the picture of foods available when a security guard suddenly grabbed them by the arm and dragged them outside KFC.  I stood in shock, frozen, as I heard one of the boys try to explain, “I have money, I’m going to buy”, but his explanation fell on deaf ears.  I heard the coins fell on the floor and little boys started crying, deeply mortified.  I heard their bitter cries even though they’re already outside.  They were bawling in bitterness and feeling deeply humiliated.

I know the coins they had were hard-earned, they must have saved it with the intention of eating there.  The humiliation they were subjected to, all because they couldn’t afford to buy decent and clean clothes, will serve as a life-time scar to them.  They will never forget it.  I was enraged, but such a coward to make a scene to fight for the children.  I deeply regret that I didn’t do anything.  I could have saved them from a lifetime trauma, I could have shown them that not all people are bad, but I did nothing.  I heard my friend say, “Good for them.  Why do they (KFC) allow kids like that to enter the premise?”  I stared at her in amazement.  I couldn’t believe I heard her say that.  I felt very disgusted at what I heard from her, and felt disgusted with her.  But who am I to feel that way when I didn’t do anything to help the kids myself?  My friend just thought I would be pleased with her if she says that because she thinks I’m that kind of person for some reason, but I am far from pleased.  I may appear heartless to other people, but I am far from being heartless, especially for little children and helpless people in general.  I am not as cold-hearted, selfish, or bratty as I appear to be.

In this world where people are not seen as people unless they dress in a way they seem like they have money, one should always keep in mind to make sure they look presentable if they want to be treated as a human being.  Disgusting as it may sound, but that’s reality.

May eternal light shine upon them.

This is for the victims of the massacre in Magindanao just recently.  As for now 46 bodies were recovered.  They’re expecting to find more.  Earlier it was only 22.  It’s sickening to think that things like this can happen in the Philippines – a democratic country.  I can’t begin to describe my sheer sadness and horror after I heard of it.  In one night, many people were hoping against hope they will get out of their predicament alive while the rest of us are sleeping peacefully.  If it’s for political reasons, isn’t it too much?  These innocent victims served as sacrificial lambs for the selfishness of others.  I can’t imagine the terror they had gone through before bullets rained on them.  It’s brutal, it’s barbaric, and it’s heartless and inhumane.  Who can stomach pulling the trigger on a group of helpless people as they stand horrified and pleading for their lives?  It’s heart-wrenching to think about it.  My condolences to the family of the victims.  May their loved ones rest in peace.


Additional Update: (Nov. 25) 52 bodies were recovered as of today. They’re expecting more.

New Moon review (warning: spoilers – lots of it!)

Okay, the movie started with a dream that Bella is having before she woke up.  It’s the day of Bella’s birthday and  Edward’s family prepared a birthday party for Bella at their place, but when Bella was opening her presents she accidentally had a paper-cut and it bled a lot (although I wondered if paper-cuts bleed that much).  When the blood dripped on the carpet, one of the vampires present couldn’t control his instinct to attack Bella, so Edward had to block him and pushed Bella and sent her flying against a wall, which resulted in a wound much worse than a paper-cut (thanks but no thanks to Edward).  So, Edward, after seeing that he couldn’t protect Bella all the time, decided on his own what’s good for Bella (which, I think is never a good thing to do when you’re in a relationship.  Never ever make a decision on what’s good for your partner without consulting your partner first.  You’re just going to make unnecessary sacrifices and end up unnecessarily hated.  There’s a reason why you’re called partners).  He broke up with her and asked her to promise him not to do anything reckless and left her alone without any companion in the woods (I couldn’t help but frown on the act because it’s not the way a decent person would do, especially after breaking up).  I wouldn’t write here the details of what Bella did right after Edward broke up with her, but the background music in the scene where Bella was just sitting looking out the window and doing nothing hurt my ears!  It’s also not very poetic the way Bella was repeating the same old lament that brokenhearted people had sung.  It could have been beautifully written if the writer has a talent in poetry.  What I have noticed about this Bella character is she’s so antisocial and self-destructive, and it’s no surprise that her reaction to what happened is lock herself up and sulk in her room.  I think bottom line is she’s just an emo.  If I’m a man, I wouldn’t want to end up with a woman like that, or be friends with people like that for that matter.

When Bella was throwing tantrums and putting her life at risk she saw a vision of Edward asking her not to do anything reckless, I couldn’t help raising my eyebrow and wonder, ‘did she promise at all?’ Anyway, back to the immaturity of these characters, Bella thought to herself, after seeing Edward’s vision that if a rush of danger is what it takes to see him then that’s what she will find (come on, that’s being self-destructive and clingy, don’t you think!)  To start on with her plan, Bella imposed her presence on a young kid and presented to him a bike he should fix.  She didn’t think of asking him first if he wants to do it or not.  Bella, obviously, thinks everything is about her; about what she feels; what she wants, etc., etc. But she’s also very unappreciative when people celebrate her.  I noted it when she said she hates being celebrated.  Anyway, this may sound heartless, but I don’t understand Bella’s screaming at night.  I mean, just because you’re heartbroken doesn’t mean you have the right to wake the neighbors up, or in that movie’s case, Bella’s father.  I also don’t understand why everyone runs to Bella’s side to make sure she’s okay as if her days are numbered.  Why do people treat Bella as if she has a malignant tumor when the only thing she has is a broken heart?

I was surprised when Bella showed concern for the kid who was thrown off a cliff to have a swim.  It’s just so out of character.  But I realized instantly why it’s necessary for Bella to notice it.  It’s to give Jacob the chance to talk about it.  It served as a foreshadowing to Jacob’s real identity.  Another thing I found funny was right after Jacob promised Bella that he would never hurt her the way Edward did, the next morning, he avoided her!  Bella was insisting on being friends with Jacob after dumping him, which to me is another old and tired technique of selfishness.
So Bella went to see Jacob, only to hear Jacob say this tired old, “it’s not you, it’s me” breakup line!  I was like, “huh?” that just made my skin crawl!  The movie is full of clichés, there seemed to be no end to it!  Actually, there’s really no end to it until the movie ended.  It’s like a compilation of clichés.  There’s also a scene there where Bella and Edward were just staring each other.  I mean, is there really a couple doing that?  Even if it’s fiction, at least throw something realistic in the story occasionally.

When Bella encountered Laurent, the assassin vampire who was sent by Victoria to assassinate Bella, she just closed her eyes and whispered: “Edward, I love you.”  I was rendered speechless, not because it’s moving, but because it’s one of the silliest things I had ever seen!

To be fair, I would like to note the movie for its visual effects, although not as good as the visual effects in other vampire movies I had seen.  I like the way the werewolves transformed – very fluid.  Speaking of werewolf, when Bella found out that Jacob is a werewolf, she asked: “So, you’re a werewolf?”, and Jacob answered: “Yeah, last time I checked.”  I couldn’t help laughing again.  They talked as if it’s a normal thing!  Jacob informed Bella of what werewolves do.  He said they kill vampires who pose harm to humans.  He mentioned the name Victoria, the one they (the werewolves) chased, but who got away.  Bella, in return, told Jacob that Victoria is after her.

While everyone is fighting for everyone’s safety, all Bella is doing is try seeing Edward in a vision by putting her life in danger; emotionally blackmailing Edward.  How come this character doesn’t seem to realize that there are more important things to think about other than Edward, or her broken heart?  She even knows her life is in danger, but it seems like it doesn’t bother her in the least! Well, maybe because she’s putting all responsibility on others to look after her.  She threw herself off a cliff and swam in angry water attacking her in a series of waves.  She ended up drowning.  Good thing Jacob was there to rescue her.  And just because Edward thought Bella killed herself, he decided to kill himself as well.  I was like, what is this, a modern-day/vampire version of Romeo and Juliet?  When Bella heard of it, she went to where Edward is and prevented him from killing himself.   Anyway the movie ended where Edward asked Bella to marry him.  I was like, “what the heck happened to Victoria?  Isn’t she supposed to go after Bella and kill her?”

The background music in the chase scenes in the woods is not appropriate for the intensity of the scene.  It defeated the purpose of anticipation.  The mood should be like the chase in the woods in the movie “Apocalypto”.  People should be hooked in suspense not like watching an MTV.

By the way, before I end this review or opinion, I just would like to say that Edward’s makeup reminds me of a clown’s.  His face is so white, his eyebrows are so thick and black, and his lips are so red.  The only thing missing is a red nose and a curly hair!

All in all, the movie is nothing but unnecessary drama.  And the acting is so bad.

This is the longest review I have done on a movie so far.  I know many will protest against me, but we all have to keep in mind that everyone is free to make their own review.  Enjoy!


It’s drizzling outside and I’m sitting in front of the computer beside the window.  I like the feel of the cold air, it’s very relaxing.  The mood is very melancholic, the sky is gray and I can see rain against my window pane.  It’s very quiet right now, except for the vehicles passing by occasionally.  It makes me feel like I’m in countryside.  I have always dreamed of countryside.  I can close my eyes and imagine green pastures with wild flowers everywhere.  I don’t want to open my eyes and look outside because I don’t want to see the tall buildings surrounding me and look down to see cemented streets.  There are not much trees, shrubs, or plants to see.  City life is never appealing to me, even though I was brought up in a city.  I have never been in countryside.  I have only seen them in movies, so maybe I’m over-romanticizing the idea of it.  But heck, who wouldn’t want to ride a bike with a basket full of flowers attached in front of it along a grassy plain, a smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, a glass full of fresh milk, plants and fruits ready for picking?  Ah, I love the image of it, and just picturing it relaxes me!  Okay, maybe I’m over-romanticizing the idea of it, but that’s for me to find out, and I can’t wait for that day to come! =)

Unfair “justice” served?

Yesterday I was watching news and heard that a doctor here who was involved in a sex scandal with an actress just got his license taken away from him. This doctor got all the blame for the sex video that came out showing very “mature” contents (so I was told). I never saw the entire contents of the video only clips in youtube where the doctor is dancing like in a gay bar or something, and the actress is also dancing like in strippers’ club. Anyway, the Medical Association of the Philippines suspended this particular doctor’s license because of this scandal. I don’t know on what grounds in particular they’ve given to execute their decision, but I really think it’s unfair no matter how much I try to see it in every angle of the issue. It’s not as if the doctor intended to show the video to the public. Besides, the doctor is not the only guilty party, but why did he get that much punishment while the actress was totally absolved?  People should keep in mind that she won’t be in that sex video if she wasn’t there doing something in the first place. She’s not a little girl. She wasn’t tricked into it.  She knew what she was doing when she went to that doctor’s place, why did she become a victim all of a sudden? How is she a victim? Is it because of the video? As I said already, she won’t be in the video if she’s not in his place doing something she’s not supposed to do in the first place. I don’t understand why people treat that doctor like a common rapist who deserves a death sentence. Also, one issue that people seemed to have overlooked is the issue that this actress slept with this said doctor who was committed to her female doctor friend. In short, this actress cheated with her friend’s boyfriend. The actress can cry in mortification or embarrassment all she wants, but didn’t the doctor suffer the same? The doctor had his share of embarrassment and mortification as well, why don’t people try to see his side? This is not to say that this actress should get all the blame, but that she also participated in the act, so she’s not an innocent victim. I am not being harsh in judging that actress’ character. I’m just trying to make sense of the decision of taking away that doctor’s license, that’s all. Ruining somebody else’s life is overreacting in my opinion. I can’t dismiss the thought that maybe the Medical Association of the Philippines felt pressured in taking away that particular doctor’s license because a senator/actor proposed it, putting the idea into the masses’ mind.  I know many people will get mad at me if they happen to see this post, but hey, if we really want real justice, we should try seeing both sides of the story, right?

Christ the King

I went to Mass today with my mom and found out that it’s Christ the King. My mom was surprised, too, because it means that after Christ the King is the beginning of Advent. I personally don’t have any idea what the occasions mean, in fact, as I am writing this, my mom is explaining them to me. My mom and I were supposed to attend Mass at 5:30pm, but I told my mom I don’t think I feel like going, but my mom didn’t seem to hear it. I wasn’t preparing to go to Church when she told me we’re not going to make it at 5:30pm Mass therefore we should just go to Mass at 7:00pm. So, I had no choice but to go with her and attend the 7:00pm Mass. I thought maybe it’s really time for me to go to Church. I was actually thinking that maybe God has a message for me, but when I listened to the Homily, it’s about the death of one of the priests in that Church. Even though I know that the topic of death was just an introduction to the main topic, which is life after death and the Kingdom of Jesus being not of this world, the homily still made me feel depressed. I have been feeling physically ill lately for some reason I can’t understand, and up to now I still do, and listening to topics about death, or life after it is really not a good timing for me. Then again, maybe it’s time for me to ponder on it and begin to examine the way I am living my life. Today it is that priest’s time (May eternal light shine upon him), tomorrow who knows, maybe it’s ours.