I had a realization today… no voice remains unheard if the voice is persistent enough to be heard.


I always talk about Marie Antoinette every chance I get because I think she’s one of the most inspiring people who ever walked the earth – a woman of substance as I call her. I also make digital paintings of her as much as I can afford to. Today when I opened my mail, with chat feature imbedded in it, I saw a friend’s offline message giving me a link to Elena Maria Vidal’s article, “Axel von Fersen legend Part I”… an article that clears Marie Antoinette’s name concerning false rumors about Marie Antoinette’s extra-marital affairs. The first time I heard of this author was when I was browsing through youtube for any historical documentary about Marie Antoinette. I bumped into this video where Elena Maria Vidal is being interviewed in EWTN program. I like the way she connected Marie Antoinette’s character to Catholicism saying that Marie Antoinette was a very good example of a Catholic woman. I myself am a Catholic and I agree with Elena Maria Vidal. Marie Antoinette, at least the real Marie Antoinette, was indeed a good Catholic even in death. I know many will disagree with me, because they bought so much lies told about Marie Antoinette, but I’m glad I have enough curiosity about her to read and learn facts about her; to differentiate truth from lies said about her; to finally help this poor soul clear her name. All of us want to leave a good name as our legacy, and I think it’s only fair to clear Marie Antoinette’s name with real facts and bring her good reputation back by overriding falsehoods that had tainted, and continue to taint, her person.


6 Responses to I had a realization today… no voice remains unheard if the voice is persistent enough to be heard.

  1. Thank you very much for defending the truth about the Queen and for adding me to your blogroll. I will return the favor!

    • lemraq says:

      My pleasure! Thank you so much, too, for all the very informative articles you wrote about her! Your blog entries are very, very interesting, and very, very helpful! I’ve always enjoyed reading them!

  2. Bea says:

    Hm. Very interesting. I’ve always been a fan of royal history and I also had been intrigued by Marie Antoinette. Though, honestly, if she did have an affair, I wouldn’t blame her. Of course, it’s hard to prove if she had an affair or not because bed matters are private affairs…As for movies and the recent books written about her, I normally just consider them highly romanticized fanfics. Many of them are 20% facts, 80% fiction. Hehehe.

    • lemraq says:

      There are lots of things that prove she didn’t have an extra-marital affair, and Elena Maria Vidal already covered the facts about it. And believe me, I read and watched documentaries discussing facts about the French court to know that the “bed matters being private” is not practiced in the French monarchy. The only book that I would trust concerning real facts about Marie Antoinette, the book that I was able to read so far, would be Madame Campan’s “Memoirs of Marie Antoinette”, because she was Marie Antoinette’s lady in waiting. As for the movie by Sofia Coppola, I don’t think it’s fair of Sofia Coppola to popularize false rumors that cost Marie Antoinette her head as some sort of facts. The only movie I trust about Marie Antoinette so far is the movie L’Autrichienne. Sadly, it’s in French.

  3. Matterhorn says:

    I loved Elena Maria’s interview too, and her books and website are wonderful. I think she really captures the essence of this Queen.

    Good luck with this site.

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